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In addition to advertising and marketing channels traditional marketing through television, newspaper paper, printed flyers, the program gameshow, where journalists, event advertising products ... In parallel, Online Marketing Internet is an indispensable communication channel for business strategy at the enterprise. Website design is not enough. Not met on the Internet to take advantage of your business. You need to promote your site to many people visit your website. To boost consumer products company known. With this service, a team of our staff will represent you as prevention company branding, enterprise products over the Internet to expand the business market, competition with other brands in countries. We perform best online marketing companies for the forms Enterprises: - Content management website - Email Marketing - Create instant on Ad - Forum, ... - Google Adwords (search keywords on Google, Yahoo) - Website Optimization (SEO) rankings increase Google, yahoo - Advertising on Facebook - Online Event To attract more people visit the website, requires sites must present pretty clear, the content is always fresh, plentiful and easy to find information ... Our job done: - Editorial, input information, regularly updated information and services, new products .. (content updates on the website: customers can provide magazines or text files word, excel , SQL, ...) - Upgrading the Web interface: Designed to add some new details, change the image, .. - Upgrade module website: programmatically add some new modules, edit existing module, .. - Banner Design: design banner ads, banner top, left-right banner. - Monitor the use of hosting space, bandwidth, web access status, the number of web surfers, .. - Management and maintenance of stable operation website.

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