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Advertising websites These websites are small complementary organizations which walks in two directions to achieve satisfaction to itself first ,to satisfy the advertiser and the publishers . These are profit organizations Which offers an advertiser to set his ads on their website and get a publisher to set its ads on his page or website ,blog etc .. without an advertiser the publisher will not get his cut . Without the publisher it would be nonsense to pay to the organization or website and his ads will be in shade so they complete each other . Organizations and websites that are top popular their secret is to get the advertisers take low amount of money and give the publisher high amount of money so they go viral as they satisfy the other two and get popular and as a result advertisers will be coming to this website to pay small amount of cash and publisher will participate in that earning wheel for the high revenues they get. Also popular websites that takes the advertiser’s ads to set them in publisher’s page needs alot of publishers to publish these ads to take more money from the advertiser and in the other hand they will give the publishers . Referrals from the publishers play a great role in popularizing the website to get more publishers and advertisers.

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