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As buying backlinks is the fastest way to acquire the automotive internet marketing, it’s the most attracting option, principally so if the extra take revenue generated by Nicely arranged more than covers the cost of buying the links needed to achieve them.They consider links as votes and that paying for a vote is non-moral , in the same way that a politician paying for people to vote for them in an election would be.Any website found to be attractive in the practice of buying backlinks is liable to be It’s very common for penalised sites to lose rankings for long periods of 6 months or more.In fact, most penalised sites never fully recover their ranking after a penalty. This indicates that getting caught buying links leaves a permanent black mark on a site’s record. So, according to Google, who let’s face it control the search market and its rules, the answer is categoric “no” you should not under any circumstances.For those website owners in search of a quick SEO fix, a dilemma is created by the fact that buying can and does work, if only temporarily. Paid links are readily available and lots of businesses buy them, especially in competitive niches. Plus, when many of them go months, even years without getting caught there is little wonder that it’s devilishly tempting to buy links.

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