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The backlinks used to be one of the most frequent recommendations in the world search engine ranking, and although still very important are beginning to move into the background due to updates. There are two ways to generate links : manually ’virally’. The manuals are the first to be created for a website indexed well and we must do it ourselves. Search engine understands that you need to publish or share your content on other websites, so that a reasonable number of links to your site are even necessary. But beware, it is very important not to put a link to your site on a web page that has a low ranking. Especially if you generate links in and penalized or known sites like linkfarms (link farms) is very likely to affect your positioning. Try to insert a link in high ranking websites with good positioning. How to check the Page Rank and the Rank Domain see this post. Of course not recommend using software to automatically. The other, I call viral, are what generate your own readers or visitors when you post becomes ’first’. Returning to the first point of this post, the content is most important to consider. If your content is relevant to readers, then this will spread, as it were, throughout the web, like a virus. Is become viral phenomenon or as they say whites, Get Viral. There are very interesting articles on how to create viral content like this.

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