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advertising agencies In 1702 appeared in the London Daily Courant Daily Courant first daily newspapers in the world, The Times The Times newspaper was founded in 1788, and in 1805 appeared Alchoriep newspaper, Courier, and in 1814 used steam printing machines to print the newspaper Altaymzallindenip. Press a fourth authority Use the concept of a fourth press authority to compare the press (and media in general) Montisekeo three branches of government: the legislative, executive and judicial. Edmund Burke has said in this regard: ’three powers will meet here under the roof of Parliament, but there are reporters sitting in the hall of the fourth estate is the most important of all of you.’ The evolution of the Western media was parallel to the evolution of liberalism in Europe and the United States. He has written the individual. Q. Seibert in an article entitled liberal theory of freedom of the press: ’to understand the principles governing the press in light of Aovernma democracy, one should understand the basic philosophy of liberalism that have evolved throughout the period between the seventeenth century and the nineteenth century.’ Were not really freedom of expression granted by the State, but a right enjoyed by the individual in accordance with natural law. So freedom of the press was an integral part of the individual rights of a person supported by the ideology of liberalism. The liberal idea of freedom is the freedom negative or in other words, as salvation from persecution, freedom of the individual to develop without hindrance. This is contrary to the idea of some of the philosophies such as philosophy of socialism to the press.

advertising agencies When you have a advertising campaign, Sure you need helps. so the single think you think about in the overall marketing to put you in the right way and short you the time and money is Ad agencys.It full of services like (disgn,marketing, advertising,research) and there’s tow kind of Ad agency. First; Goverresearch Advertising Agency, preparing a creative works and placement of the ad in various media (TV,newspaper, radio, Internet) .Second kind ; Industrial Advertising Agency, helping to minimize the Hunt for bayers and maximize sales of companys and pushing this companys to the top.And the most popular media used in this Ad is print media and direct marketing (telephone, on-line, direct mail ). So How to Succeed in your campaign? Successful advertisements start with building good relationship (Clients- Agencies) and work together to figure out what their objectives are.because the clients must trust the Agencies to do their jobs correctly and accordingly with the resources they have provided.and this strong relationship should basis in communication between both parties by best channels. Selecting the wrong agency will waste your investment while raising false hopes and increasing your frustration, so beware of the ad agency that speaks only of advertising and neglects the many other functions of marketing or the agencies which misnamed in the current economic environment.

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