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In my opinion, advertising online is now more and more popular and effective. By doing this, we don’t have to come to anybody’s house or hold a meeting to advertise things. It’s really convinient. What we only need to do is always be available on the Internet and choose a right way to advertise things. Social network is the place that suits this kind of advertisement most, because it helps us contact with many strange people easily, some kinds of social network such as Facebook, Tweeter or Instagram, etc. Another benefit is that we can save money and time. For example, it tooks you a plenty of time to explain and tell the customer about your products, but only in 5 or 10 minutes writing article, you give the customer full information. However, there are several disadvantages of advertising online. Firstly, some people expect this as a spam and they really really hate it. When you send an advertise message to strange people, they’ll be angry and may report you. Secondly, with the people who are impatient, they might ignore your advertise. All in all, online advertisement is one of the most convinient and fastest way to interact with people, we don’t have to talk face-to-face with them.

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