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Suppose you are 1 in 100 million websites around the world. So how do you your page can easily be found. The important factor is through the search engines, which accounted for 60% of the share path to important information. It is a process of making content easier to find your website, and display. Most Internet users use search sites everyday and can only look at the first site of the search results. So if a customer is searching your site, and you happen to be listed on the second page of results, will be less likely customers visiting your site. Google employs more than 200 assessments of website content in order to determine the order of the search results and the exact algorithm is a secret - the same thing has happened to some of the pages of Yahoo or Microsoft. However, those standards are separate between the elements located on the website as actual text and content, and other factors outside the site include the number of external links to the site. You can pay for the site sponsor (sponsor link), but it is a costly way to get customers, especially if you have a lot of customers visiting. SEO focuses on the impact list search engine optimization cost with the system. You can pay for an expert to advise on how to increase your rankings, but you can not directly pay Google to appear in higher rankings. SEO industry is a strong growth, estimated at 2.22 billion pounds in the UK alone last year.

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