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search engine optimization

search engine optimisation play a vital role in our day so as to that big world of information and it become very important today to receive many information quicly and it considered one of the most origine of information because there are many users of internet and there are many people that they are busy all the day and they can’t use another origine of information instead internet and that non has three words search usully it definete by search in the net and engine optimasation it means perfect no one can deny illimit search engine optimization because it give many informations very fast then other origines of informations no one can argue that it’s the secret of what reach for it humanity and it make people better then befor so as to many informations that he gives to him but there are many time that adolescent use it to do a bad things for me i prefer to use google chrome than mozila or internet exploret because it’s very confortable to use it and its more beautiful it has a colors very interesting and you can use many pages in it without lost connexion all in all i advise people to use it

the search engine optimization if I had a nickel for every time one of our clients said this to us, I would have at least $4.60. It happens a lot, and it is not just you. We see it a lot. Here are a lot of common reasons this has happened to you and how to correct it, A lot of times when you redo your site, you change the URL structure: i.e. all of the links that pointed to the web pages are now 404 errors, and Google drops you like a bad habit because all of those links you acquired naturally all went away. To fix it, all you have to do is get Ahrefs, find the broken backlinks, and 301 redirect them to their new pages If your organic search dropped off the face of the Earth, check your source code and make sure your pages are indexed. We have seen some web development companies put “no-follow” in the robots.txt file when building it, later forgetting to take it off. If you removed a bunch of categories, removed body text, or forgot to move over your meta text, those are also issues we generally see, and you will want to correct them. f You Have Been Losing Traffic Continually for Months There could be a thousand reasons why, but here are our main reasons why. First, go into SEMRush and identify when you started the decline in organic search traffic—or you can use Google Analytics. Once the date is identified

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