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Consider the situation. The care that you give some newborn will depend on a few things: the ’ ages, whether or not the is still caring for the , and how healthy the are. If you find a litter of that have been separated from their , then you will to provide the things a cat would, such as , warmth, and help with toileting. Take some time to consider the situation before you start for the .[1] If you find some that you think have been abandoned or separated from their , observe them from a distance of about 35 feet to see if the cat returns. If the are in immediate danger, then you will need to intervene without waiting for the to return. For example, you should intervene immediately if the kittens are in danger of freezing from the cold, left in a place that they might get run over or stepped on, or in an area where dogs might harm them.[ Get help from your veterinarian or local animal . Do not feel like you to provide care for these all by yourself. for newborn kittens is a difficult job and you may not have everything you need to ensure their survival. Contact your local veterinarian or animal shelter for assistance. They may be able to provide a surrogate to help the get proper nutrition or they may be able to help you with bottle feeding.[3] 3 Provide food for full service internet marketing agency. let their mother take care of them. But you can still help by providing food and shelter for the . Just make sure that you keep the food and shelter in separate areas or she may not accept either.[4]

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