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Internet marketing is the marketing of products or services on the internet company. The media marketing includes many different methods that companies can use to bring the product to businesses and individual consumers. However, the application of online marketing vehicles are usually different from the use of traditional media. A common method of full service internet marketing + Advertising Online: In this method, the company bought advertising space on the site are owned by other companies. There is a difference here is putting content on his website, many companies were confused between this job and think that your site is an online ad. Online advertising has a very special significance in the marketing: When a company pays a certain space, they try to attract users and introduce products and promotions their business. There are many ways to conduct online advertising. For example, companies can buy ads placed in emails sent by other companies. Or banner ads placed in newsletters are sent from the website.  Electronic Catalogue: One change compared to traditional marketing is the ability of the company to take samples of products online. That is all the product allows customers to see, find information about usability, material, size ... In addition, the online coupon and sales promotion programs will weather costly for online marketers to introduce the product to consumers. We can visualize the electronic catalog as a showroom on the ground that.

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